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"Beyond a certain point there is no return. This point has to be reached."

— Franz Kafka (via observando)

Something that keeps lingering in my mind

The thing is, I want to forget you and I don’t want you to live in my life anymore, but the truth is, if I do that, I am sure I will feel terribly empty and lost. What should I do? It is said that time heals, it really DID, but you were the one who came back and ruined my feelings that were recovering. I don’t even know whether I love you or not. I admid that you are a good person, and knowing you means so much to me that I want to thank everything for making us meet. You might think that I am just one of many good friends of yours, you might probably think that I am like other people who you can talk nicely with, but that is not what I am thinking about, because you are the one that is differrent. Thank you for letting me know how to love, care, miss, and hurt. In the future, I am gonna find someone that makes me feel the same way as I do to you.